Thanks to the experience gained over the last 16 years in the marketing and distributing of the wrought iron and related products in this region.

iRON SPLENDOUR now import a vast and varied range of products which
are use in the decoration gate, fences, railing, grilles, furniture and

iRON SPLENDOUR is also working closely with the world leading and
established manufacturers to respond to the market and their individual

We maintain good level of stocks and always satisfy the customer sudden needs requirement at the shortest possible time.

Experience, friendly and helpful staff are ready to serve you at any
time. We look forward to our improve relationship and corporate with you
and your organization in the positive way.

Nature of business:

  • Wrought iron decor grilles
  • Wrought iron decor entrance gate
  • Wrought iron staircase railing and balcony railing
  • Wrought iron fences
  • Wrought iron door and window
  • Wrought iron decorative items
  • Wrought iron furniture
  • Mild steel works
  • Metal iron roofing awning
  • Bronze sculpture and decorative items